This is something we can undertake very well and offer professional results. Our attention to detail and decorating experience allow us to create quality surfaces every time. There is often a balance that needs to be struck between preparation and speed. We are well versed in surface preparation that will result in walls looking smooth and woodwork being glossy,when required.

Farrow and ball paints (waterbased paints)

These days many people are hyped up about Farrow and ball paints however having worked with them on numerous (client supplied) occasions I can tell you that they are not better than Dulux. All Farrow and Ball paints are water based, and although this is a nice sentiment, with all the “eco-friendlessness” etc. The fact of the matter is they are less effective than oil based paints. We painted a large restaurant that used only these paints and by the end of the 3 weeks it took to paint we had to do large parts of it again. All the activity of the restaurant staff, customers and other tradesman on the restaurant project totally destroyed the painted surfaces. In some places where we had painted the woodwork the surfaces required 3-4 coats.( nearly double normal)

Water based paints vs oil based

These days there is a general shift towards water based paints, however in our experience they are not as good. I would go so far as to say that they are half as good. This can be sort of backed up by the fact that waterbased paints will only offer a guarantee of 5 years, whilst oil based  paints will offer a guarantee of 10 years!

Oil based paints are harder wearing and spread better. Just generally a better choice for your money!