I undertake plastering to compliment my handyman services in and around Watford, St Albans , Hemel Hempstead and Berkhamsted.

As a handyman there is no way I can compete with the speed of  a professional plasterer. I can however achieve good finishes in plastering walls and ceilings and then I can do all related work that results from the renovation as well. So if you require a bit of property renovation or you are re doing a room or two please get in touch! You will find my work is excellent and my rates are more than reasonable.


SAM_1200It is very important to create a good surface on which to apply the finish plaster. Finish plaster ( in the orange bag) is only designed to be used in thin coverings of a few mm. Finish plaster is very dense in nature and so it creates a flawless finish. Its density also causes it to be heavy, and so it is best not to use it too thick. To make very rough walls good and to bridge large indentations we use bonding plaster (purple bag).

Bonding plaster is nice and light and so we can use allot and apply it thick. If for example you were to remove the tiles from a wall and take most of the material off to the brick/blockwork you would be left with a very rough surface. In this situation you would apply bonding plaster with a straight edge and create our surface for the finish plaster to go on.


My Plastering service.

SAM_1209As I am not a professional plasterer who does it every day I do not appreciate competing with them for the plastering of a large area, as I will take longer and therefore be less competitive. However when there are other aspects of trade work involved and when smaller areas of plastering are required  then I have the upper hand. It is not preferable to call in a plasterer for a wall or two in the midst of a room renovation for example. The reason is just that it gets a bit messy with too many different tradesman on the job, and all the associated delays tends to push up the price or extend the process of the work. By myself I can be in and out in a few days and sort out everything with no hassles.