Along with general trade work I undertake the restoration of Victorian floors and  Steel Victorian fireplaces.

I am able to achieve dramatic before and after effects in these restorations and you may be surprised what your old Victorian tiled floor or fireplace may have to offer


Quite often an old Victorian or Edwardian fireplace can be found within a period property and is usually covered with up to 2mm of paint. (several kilograms) in some cases. This paint just fills in all the detail that makes these old fireplaces so stunning.I remove all foreign material and apply polishes and finishes to the clients requirements.

Victorian tiles

These old floors are also very nice to get restored. Once restored they will completely come alive again will liven up the hall that the way they did all those years ago. Restoring these Victorian floors is a case of removing all sealers and waxes, then scrubbing out all the dirt that had previously been in accessible. I can replace damaged tiles with modern equivalents and then finally seal the floor with many coats of color enhancing sealer to really bring out the natural color of the clay. Please scroll down to see pics of jobs I have done.

Victorian Fireplace restoration