It is an unfortunate fact that many houses in the UK are inadequate when it comes to sound attenuation. In the past builders really knew nothing about sound attenuating materials and techniques so sometimes it went very wrong. These days we understand how sound works and have learnt how to decrease its effects substantially. I have worked as a sound proofer in the past and have working experience of all the different soundproofing systems for walls and floors.

Soundproofing is easy to do and is actually more of a DIY skill. There are a few important aspects that you need to get right but the actual systems are easy to install. The are a few key principles that you need to consider to sound proof a wall or floor effectively,these are .. Type of sound . There are two main types of sound that are dealt with in different ways. The first is vibrational sound. This is typically footsteps,noisy bed springs from the people above, a refrigerator buzzing on the neighbors side of the party wall etc. The second is airborne sound. Standard type of sound and includes things like audible voices from next door, television noise from the lady upstairs at 2 in the morning etc. Effective treatment. Generally it is very effective to add additional mass to the area with suitable materials . Each different type of sound will incorporate a different approach and include different aspects within the sound proofing installation. For instance the use of air gaps and “muffling” products such as rubber. No gaps. Sound acts like water and will find it way through any holes or cracks. Even a small gap in the wall, for instance the area behind the skirting where the plaster and plasterboard’ sometimes stop an inch short, will devastate that walls sound attenuation. After these key aspects are considered and if the systems are installed with a bit of patience and care there will always be dramatic reductions in any noise you may be experiencing. So if you are experiencing a noise problem or “cowboys and Indians programs” late at night from the neighbors like I was!! Do get in touch!
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