Although a professional handyman I was fortunate to have worked in the soundproofing industry and I undertake all types of soundproofing for walls and floors in and around Watford (Hertfordshire). Sound problems within a home can sometimes ruin quality of life so sometimes it is worth the expense of sorting them out.

What I can do for you

I will diagnose the exact issues and decide upon the correct system (soundproofing materials) to remedy the situation. Although installing the soundproofing systems is relatively easy, it is always best to have patience when installing them. Most big soundproofing companies will have less patience and may install a system for a floor for example in one day. I tend to take the necessary time and so believe things work out a bit better in the end.

As I am a handyman I am more capable of sorting out all related work that comes with altering surfaces and I can also plaster ceilings and walls that we have extended.

Soundproofing floors

In many cases people have an issue with either airborne sound from the neighbors below or vibration sound from footsteps ( and the like) from rooms above. There are different ways to deal with both situations which depend on what we have access to. For instance we may not be able to tear up the neighbors flooring above to install sound barrier mat  and will instead have to install a suspended ceiling on your side.  However a simple solution for floors if we have access to the room above is to install insulation between the joists ( if they exist) then to install multiple layers of a sound barrier mat on top of the floor. Then once all is sealed perfectly with soundproofing sealant we essentially create an air tight barrier that is very good in combating airborne sound from below.  Vibration sounds are more difficult to eliminate and will often involve a suspended ceiling on your side that incorporates an air gap.

Soundproofing materials & costs

Without all the marketing that a larger soundproofing company may use I will inform you that soundproofing materials are very expensive. In most cases you are looking at about £50 per meter for materials alone. This is due to the multitude of materials that go in to these systems and each layer has its own price per meter, for example Mineral insulation is approximately £10 pm2. You may then have another 3-4 elements to the system that escalate the costs.  Larger companies tend to charge no less than £50 per meter for the installation and I personally will charge my day rate of £150 and I can tell you how long it will take 2 or 3 days etc. In the end I do work out cheaper than most other soundproofing companies.