I can do anything with regards to tiling!

When it comes to tiling my service is the best. I come from a background of tiling and have done all types . There are many different types of tiling from complicated floors to stone and quick shower repairs and I cover them all. I am able to arrange a free estimate and discuss your tiling ideas (larger jobs)

Shower repairs

I get many enquiries about leaking wet rooms and showers. Water leaks cause damage so naturally people opt for a quick fix most of the time. However this will usually result in the leak occurring again.

Is the substrate damaged?

This is the first question you need to think about in the event of a leaking shower , because if it is, then a repair to the surface covering (tiles) will be for nothing.Materials such as plasterboard or plaster are the most prone to water damage and plywood will also rot after a certain time period. Generally I will make a site visit and try to determine the best course of action.

Wet room repair

There is only one thing I can say when I get enquiries about leaking wet rooms and that is “It needs to be done again!”  It is impossible to do a surface ” quick fix” to a leaking wet room and offer any sort of guarantee. Water seems to find it way through any minute defect and even when installing a brand new wet room one needs to take the utmost care. If the wetroom is leaking it means that the waterproofing/tanking is damaged and the only way to repair it is to reinstall  it completely.