When it comes to soundproofing walls there are different systems for different situations.

Stud partition walls.

image2991As you can see in the image on the right in this situation we will take the wall back to the stud work and place Rockwool (soundproofing insulation) between the studs. We will then install “Resilient bars” on the studs as seen in the image. These act as a sound vibration separator.

Sound vibration movement.In a problematic sound area allot of the sound may be caused from vibration sound movement. So for example when you are hearing the TV programs from the neighbors allot of the sound is actually being carried through the solid surfaces. Have you ever heard that saying sound travels faster through water, or that one can place their ear on a railroad track to listen for trains far away! This works  because sound relies on the vibration of molecules and solid materials have molecules that are packed closely together.

Therefore resilient bars are designed to do a bit in separating this sound movement.

After the resilient bars are installed we can install 2-3mm  rubber sound barrier mat and then 2 layers of sound block plasterboard.

Solid brick walls

image2Solid brick walls do not allow us to install insulation so instead we use a different system that incorporates a 20 mm thick solid recyled rubber that you can see in the image to the right. This product adds substantial mass to the wall and decreased the “springiness” of the wall which dampens the ease which sound waves travel through the wall and so reduces sound movement.

We simply glue this product to the wall and then install two layers of soundproofing plasterboard on top of it finished by a coat of plaster for appearance sake. The price of the system (not including plaster) is approx £60

We will glue a 20mm thick solid rubber material to the wall



Double walls

This is the ultimate solution to reducing sound and even low frequency sound that his difficult to get rid of. With this system we will build a new wall in front of the problem wall and we include an air gap. This system takes up allot of space though and so is not always suitable. This article goes into depth on this system